Welcome to Candice Clarke Photography

Want to plan a uniquely Private Shoot?

As a romantic at heart, I started my boudoir journey as a model, wanting to gift my then-fiancé with a little something naughty before getting married.

What I discovered was the shoot became more for me, than for him.  It made me feel confident and sexy.  Two words that definitely didn't describe me back then.

With that in mind, I decided I wanted to do the same for other women.  I wanted them to feel just as sexy and confident as I did.

My clients are not professional models - they are moms, 9-5ers, curvy, skinny... Women who think they "couldn't", but always "wanted to".  

Your Private Shoot will be a celebration of confidence, silliness, sexiness - everything that makes you feel absolutely gorgeous.

I will create a feeling of confidence and safety for you, allowing your photographs to go beyond how you feel about yourself.  Throw in professional makeup, music, laughter, and some direction, and we'll get that inner vixen to come out.