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What to wear? What to wear?

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I had a client a few weeks ago and I went shopping with her to look for some outfits for her shoot.

I LOVE when women make an effort and actually go out to buy outfits.  It's a real confidence booster for them.  It also starts the process of feeling good about themselves, and that confidence reflects in their photos so beautifully.

But, while we were shopping, it got me to thinking about the women who can't go out and buy that new lingerie. 

A lot of women are often quite confused about what they should wear.  And often don't have that extra cash for new lingerie.

The thing is, you don't always need fancy new lingerie.  In fact, you don't always need lingerie..Period!

A beautiful sweater.  A long flowy skirt.  Those killer heels you bought, but don't want to ruin by wearing them.  IT ALL WORKS!!!

When you book with me, you receive an amazing guide which includes tips on what to wear, which is great.  But, trust me, if you have a look in your closet, I can guarantee you will find something beautiful.


- These are just a few things I found in my closet, that I quickly threw together, to give an idea of some simple outfits that really can be made to look beautiful and sexy -










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